Agiel - Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign

Finally the debut of Agiel. And hell what a blast. Agiel plays the brutal style with melody. Great drumlabor, deep vocals and fingercrushing guitars. After the first session it sounded like a huge thick wall but after hearing it a few time on the headphones I love it more and more. So what else can I say then to buy the fucking album!

1. Deeds rendered upon the flesh
2. The awakening
3. Rotting, stagnant earth
4. Adab to the mighty
5. Serpent masquerade
6. The eternal triumvirate7. The principle of discord
8. Yaweh is my sacrifice
9. Dark pantheons again will reign
10. The kindgom complete
11. Andromeda
Unique Leader Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 12, 2002

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