Aglarond - Across The Dark Night

Aglarond deliver us their first full length album. This is dark doom metal which can carry you soul away easily into melacnholy and the endless depths of your brains. Heavy guitars, easy flowing drums, twinkling keyboards/piano, fluid guitar melodies, whispering melancholy, clean singing vocals, female vocals, grunting etc... all fitted perfectly into hypnotizing songs with different recognizable identities..first 2 songs seem from different recoridng sessions then the other ones and stand out in sound and quality..But the other songs are interesting enough to make this a full CD.

1. Screams of agony
2. Across the dark night
3. Under sauron's spell
4. In your room
5. Lady of the valley
6. Dark stream
7. The lonely mountain
8. Blackened rain
American Line Prods
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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