Ahumado Granujo - Chemical Holocaust

Another sick album from these Czech techno grind bastards. Insane inhuman vocals over some heavy grind tunes. Tempo is not that high but it swings. Melodies are catchy and have some grooves. Combining it with some techno intermezzo interludes that flows into the songs. At the end you get two bonus computerized songs that can be played on a techno party at once. There is also a CDROM part (fucking windows only) and the CD can also bought as a shaped CD!

1. Bender
2. Zoodiaac
3. Trip-off
4. Edward the liquorhands
5. Propaganda
6. Faggotura
7. Eight hours bread
8. Pickled temelin
9. Le ketamin
10. King Anus III (CBT cover)
11. Citron b
12. Jesus crystal
13. Creation’s scourge (Krisiun remake)
14. Sandokal
15. Ashtray made of pork
16. U-herak
17. A life’s a life (Disrupt cover)
18. Schindler’s acquantance service
19. Composed by speakermassage/s3x
20. Composed by va-an-ya
Khaaranus Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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