Akma - Medusa

Akma is no stranger to demos; it is all they've been releasing since their inception in 2001. Drawing a steady fanbase mini album after album, they've been teasing fans nonstop with small bits of their signature churn of Melodic Death Metal slightly mixed with Deathcore elements. Of course, the one question that has been populating the forums now is when the full length album will come out, as Akma has nearly six demos out (not including 'Medusa'). Like their previous efforts, 'Medusa' is short and sweet but doesn't show much change in their formula, which can be a good or bad thing. Most of the tracks like "The Assassin" are harsh, raging, and sound a little bit like some of the harder tracks from a band like Threat Signal with plenty of screaming involved. Othes like the title track "Medusa" have a bit more backing melody, but it still doesn't let up on the firepower or change the fact that these guys are trying to be as heavy as possible. True, they stray quite a bit from the quintessential modern image of Melodic Death Metal which is usually keyboard driven groups like Dark Tranquillity or mesmerizing passages from a group like Amorphis with lots of clean vocals mixed in, but Akma certainly still hold their own with the brief bits they possess. This is Melodic Death Metal at its raging pinnacle.


  1. The Assassin
  2. Gently Kiss
  3. Medusa


Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jul 14, 2012

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