Akrotheism - Behold The Son Of Plagues

Akrotheism is pure orthodox black metal nouveau (new or experimental) which hails from Greece however present an album which has a very French black metal feel to it. This band formed back in 2012 and from the start have created a sound base and theme that is influenced by nihilism, esotericism, violence and the religious dual of God-Satan along with human decadence.

"Behold The Son Of Plagues" holds a very dark atmosphere throughout it's ambiance. The hellish and dynamic vocals override nicely the intelligent riff work which harmonizes perfectly with the skills of the powerful drumming throughout. These tracks totally jump out at you from beginning to end this album is sheer brutality which flows romantically from one track into the next.

This album to me holds much of the same lacework as found within the works of bands such as Funeral Mist (maybe I find this due to that I've been listening to Funeral Mist of recent).

I especially love the 4th track which holds this albums title 'Behold The Son Of Plagues' the soundscapes and musical composition with it's gothic feel are really captivating. Other favored tracks would be the haunting and wretched feeling from 'Salt Of Grace' and the classic black metal feel of 'Wine Of Blasphemies'. The song writing here is genus and this album's sound brings about various emotional levels for it's listener to experience.

"Behold The Son Of Plagues" is a very well put together album which is full of harmony and executes it's style of black metal with grace,intelligence and creative talent. I highly recommend listening to this album it is well worth it. Giving it 5/5 stars for this is an album I definitely would listen to over and over again without ever boring of it's nature.

1. Sepsis Ex Nihilo 
2. Antimatter As 
3. Hanged In The Shaft Of The Abyss 
4. Behold The Son Of Plagues 
5. Subhuman's Anabaptism 
6. Flagellum Made Catharsis 
7. Salt Of Grace 
8. Wine Of Blasphemies 
9. Send Us To Swines 
10. To Swarm Deserted Away (cover Ved Buens Ende)

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 7, 2014

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