Aktarma Suicide/Morbid Devourment/Brutalcore - Surgical Murder

Split releases are nothing new in terms of the brutal death metal genre, it is a nice way to hear different bands all at the same time before you decide to delve into any back catalogue that they might have. I also find that it is also a good way to give lessor known or unsigned artists some much needed distribution outside of wherever their native land may be.

Aktarma Suicide (Philippines)
Rating: 3/5

As some of the promo photos would suggest by the band shirts they wear, these musicians like their modern US Brutal Death. I am struck by how quickly the time changes are nailed to the ground, there are some strange things going on with volume levels during the opener. You have choking compressed riffs, but unfortunate sounding tin pan snare drums, whilst I am not strictly making negative comment there is thankfully a really good interpretation of the genres more extreme vocal style, which depends if you like gurgles and squeals of course. Filled with groove and blast-beaten time changes, everything seems to fit, although the drums sometimes lose their direction and timing, one cannot complain, only for the obvious lack of mastering, all tracks are at different volume and production quality levels, but then these are all tracks that already exist on the band’s first demo, but it is a tasty bit of foreplay to this 3-way!

Morbid Devourment (Indonesia)
Rating: 4/5

This band offers one new track ‘Malignant Narcissism’, whilst also presenting previous demo material. Immediately the production is crisp, sharp and the songs have more momentum and homage to older, classic extreme death metal like some of the early US East coast predatory pioneers, essentially Morbid Devourment have more heritage. I like to hear the bass, the aforementioned track certainly has the bass riffs audible, and the rest of the thunderous rhythm section really sets that standard remarkably high. One thing is for sure, you need a medical dictionary to decipher their psychiatric medical condition themed lyrics! These three tracks are energetic, fuelled with talented musicianship and manage to showcase a band that should be destined for bigger things. This is most enjoyable and the good quality sound recording presents a band intent on improving their current musical career position, even if they are sandwiched between lesser bands on this offering.

Brutalcore (Turkey)
Rating: 2/5

Formally known as Core, the opener ‘Survival’ dates back to those days also. The “core” element to their guitar tone is very much present, the vocals are guttural growls, squeals and snorting, its ok, but I prefer the more traditional death growl rather than regurgitated bowl syndrome. As for the music, you have a five finger salute to the face with a touch of hardcore as mentioned earlier, but in some places the timing goes off a little. For what Brutalcore lack in variation, they make up for in other aspects. That said, I don’t really think the vocals suit the music style at all, but hey, that’s just me. I never thought I would say this either, but if they had more compression in the guitar sound, it would better suit the vocals, there is a little too much sustain the encounter such extremities of the oral nature. The final offering ‘You Will Die’ gives the impression of a more cohesive band, or rather a band learning their trade, but I am not convinced by what is offered on the whole.

This is cool extreme metal release, a touch of everything, but without a shadow of a doubt, Morbid Devourment should be checked out immediately and win my personal admiration hands down. As for Brutalcore and Aktarma Suicide, they are both competent at what they do, but I find they lack a certain edge or vibrancy to their sound, a little dull in fact. As a package, there is a mix of bands from around the world, as I mentioned at the start of this review, this is a great way for bands to gain more exposure, and you know how everyone loves or dreams of a 3-way!

  1. Aktarma Suicide – Brutality Killings After Coitus Interuptus
  2. Aktarma Suicide – Injecting Antidote To Oro Hydrocephalus
  3. Aktarma Suicide – Vulvo Urethral Contraction
  4. Morbid Devourment – Cotard Deliusion
  5. Morbid Devourment – Malignant Narcissism
  6. Morbid Devourment – Pavor Nocturnus
  7. Brutalcore – Survivor
  8. Brutalcore – No Warning Shot (cover Six Feet Under)
  9. Brutalcore - You Will Die

Reviewer: twansibon
May 15, 2011

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