Aktiv Dodshjalp / Slaktattack - Split

This split is supposed to come out as a 7" vinyl disc but it has been delayed. In the meantime I listened to a CDr with these two crustcore bands from Sweden.

Aktiv Dodshjalp (Euthanesia) was founded in 2004 and 2 weeks later they already recorded a 6 track demo. After another demo in 2005 now realing their side of this split. 4 Tracks that are filled with anger, fury and frustration. Lyrics are shouted out raw and in their native language. Songs clocking around 2 mins and in high tempo with minor breakdowns. Guitarriffs are melody raging with no leads but the vocals are in front the most.

Slaktattack is also from Sweden and is on the B-side. The band exists 2 years more and also released some demos. In 2005 they recorded 10 new songs and 6 of them you can listen to. 3 Guitarmembers is a bit too much otherwise the riffs and leads should be more awesome. Slakattack is a bit more punk orientated with hardcore edges. Less raw vocals also in high tempo.

This split is for the fans in the first place and you decide yourself by listening to the MP3s.

Aktiv Dodshjalp
1. Jag Valkomnar Slutet
2. Tungsinnets Tral
3. Misstro
4. Pikkulepia

5. Nar Hatet Ar Totalt
6. Evigt Lidande
7. Systemkollaps
8. Materiell Tristess
9. De Sista Raderna
10. Forlista Sjalar
Evigt Lidande Prod.
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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