Alcohelldrugs - Infernal Metal Punk

Alcohelldrugs from Brazil is a punk, speed/thrash metal band. “Infernal Metal Punk” is exactly what its title says: a filthy and violent attack of Satan’s music; punk and metal. The material you will listen here is raw and in your face.

“Infernal Metal Punk” actually summarizes the band's discography so far. It includes all of their tracks that have been previously released. So, in “Infernal Metal Punk” cassette tape you will get the Alcohelldrugs debut release “Never Stop The Madness”, a title seemingly “opposed” to the classic Roadrunner Records 90’s motto “Stop The Madness”. (However, although we do get the fun here of course, and it is cool, we strongly suggest that people follow Roadrunner’s motto and Lemmy’s/Motorhead’s motto and 'Stay Clean' in any case). Included on “Infernal Metal Punk” are also the tracks from the band's second release “Hellish Alcoholic Attack” which was previously released as a split CD with Burial Ground from Russia, and 2 songs from their “Amoral” split with Thrashera from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All of these songs have been previously released on CD by Resistencia Underground Distro & Prod from Brazil. Alcohelldrugs line up is: Thiago Xaruto (guitars, vox) and Henrique Melo (aka Henrique Alcoholic) on the drums.

Alcohelldrugs have a very interesting way to use the guitar; they play a crossover of punk and thrash metal with the addition of melodic lines that can also be found in proto-black metal. The drums of Alcohelldrugs have a cool bass-toned snare, and although the performance is basic, it is exactly what the songs need. The vocals have all the early thrash and black metal mania. The unpolished production is an asset for the band’s style and multiplies the effectiveness of the recordings. However, since on “Infernal Metal Punk” there are songs included coming from different releases and recordings, there are also different productions as well, but in any case the Alcohelldrugs identity is always present.

Apart from the band’s original songs, the album ends with 'Bite It You Scum' (G.G. Allin cover)! What else would fit more the nasty approach of Alcohelldrugs?!

“Infernal Metal Punk” is a limited to 150 hand-numbered copies orange cassette tape, so act fast! The release is completed with a 2-sided glossy paper poster with nice photos of the band, plus an A4 lyric sheet with additional info, contacts and the band's biography!
Fans of raw metal punk this one’s for you!

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Self-Destruction
2. Underground Resistance
3. Alcohelldrugs
4. Domination Of Evil
5. Maniac For Sex
6. Sex And Alcohol
7. Route 666
8. Kill The Poser
9. Serial Killer
10. Bite It You Scum (cover GG Allin)