Alfredo Proyect - Irrational Patterns

This is an instrumental project by Alfredo San Martin from Uruguay, with this clocking in at just under 13 minutes…there is not a lot to go on. Previous projects can be found on these pages under the name deathred.

The opener ‘Just Feel the Feeling Western’ doesn’t even make sense, neither does the music. It’s been recorded underwater, or rather with an overactive bridge on the guitar, when playing its sounds like a permanent level of pressure is applied distorting the tunes. The drum machine sometimes comes in and out of the mix, with a similar pattern throughout. Without a blink of an eye I am too ‘The Logic Unreasoning’, which sounds just like the previous three tunes. Briefly, just briefly, ‘Full Uncertainty’ has a differing sound, clearly recorded at a different time, but it has the same damn riff and feel, why? The blurb I have found in the internet states that this is a chainsaw sound, very much like dismember…the chainsaw clearly needs a service and to compare to dismember is insulting.

Really, ‘Irrational Patterns’ is one of the worst things I have ever heard. Many bands use such material as riff ideas for actual songs, this is what this sounds like, ideas recorded and not finished.

The new track, ‘Inroads into a Great Intuition’ is at least over 3 minutes long, so as I press play, do I hope for the best? Well, no…it’s the same crap sound, the same riff, the same soundbytes and nothing has changed. Really, come on…

The sound is terrible, how can you even consider something like this for review? It is really badly mixed like a crappy mix tape you made yourself in the 80’s with bad edits a rapid cuts at the start and end of tracks, this needs a lot of work, its actually hard work listening to it and I feel really bad as I am usually quite open minded and try to mind the best in everything reviewed, the tracks are extremely similar, so similar in fact if it wasn’t for the poor editing it would be difficult to determine where one ends and another begins. I am sorry, but one star would be very generous…

  1. Just Feel The Feeling Western
  2. Faint Human Swing 
  3. Intertwined Algorithmically 
  4. The Logic Unreasoning 
  5. Sci-Fi - Stragely
  6. Irregularity Weird
  7. Unnaturally Disregarded 
  8. Sands Resources End
  9. Time To Render As
  10. Full Uncertainty
  11. When Jumping To Ars
  12. Within The Assembly Complexity 
  13. Dragging Theories

Self released
Reviewer: Paul Lewis
Dec 28, 2015

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