Alghazanth - Wreath Of Thevetat

Guided by Satanic and Occultism these evil entity is flaming since 1995. Since then they released 4 albums and so here in 2008 they released number 5. The recording took almost a half year and that is showing of in the production. Powerfull but clear recording of the 8 tracks.

Alghazanth is playing raging black metal with keyboards. Not only giving it atmosphere but also a majestic or bombastic face. It is galopping but with flair.

Vocals are raw screaming and ofcourse it is interupted for the more clean vocals. As the tempo of the songs is up the bass drum is being hit frequently and the duel guitars are safe riffing the melodies.

Overall the songs are nice to hear, well played and enough melody and variation. Maybe not spectacular as in the beginning of this genre but this is a good symphonic black metal album.

1. Moving Mountains
2. The Kings To Come
3. The Phosphorescent
4. On Blackening Soil
5. Rain Of Stars
6. Twice-Born
7. Future Made Flesh
8. As Nothing Consumes Everything
Woodcut Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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