Algol / Shroud Of Despondency - Whipsers From An Empty Room

New split on this USA based label. Algol plays black metal which can be raw or atmospheric. Use of keyboard, different vocals style and harsh guitarriffing. The main style of the songs are in fast tempo but they are not afraid to add some electronic atmospheric and melody into the songs. Not narrowminded and with this attitude they play some nice songs. Nice hope for the upcoming full length.

Second in line is Shroud Of Despondency and this is a project of 1 man. The roots are also in the black metal scene and everything sounds underground. The sound quality could be better but we can live with that. 4 Long songs that are floating on depression and misery. Dwelling rhythms that suddenly can change into aggression. Raw vocals that sometimes lean on death metal. Because of the long songs it sometimes is hard not to weak in attention and he is trying to avoid by adding special elements in it.

For me Algol is a surprise and therefor the winner if you can speak of a game.

1. Why have you forgotten me?
2. Numbing dreams with sad purple edges
3. The audible drug
4. Milk it
5. To sin is immortality

Shroud Of Despondency
6. The many words never penned
7. Untouchable comfort in the knowledge of discord
8. The tongue of outspoken lies
9. Game
Paragon Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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