Alkonost - Put Neprojdennyj

This album kicked off to a fresh start, awakening my eardrums and instantly making me feel alive and alert. "Neprojdenyj" is a very cool mix of Medieval Folk music using Black Metal male vocal style and operatic female vocals, blending it all in with an undenyable Gothic twist. Alkonost's hails from the Russian Pagan scene and their tracks are beautifully presented in their native tongue.

Operatic with various vocal ranges, very melodic and extemely well orchastrated using haunting keyboards which blend into the all so gloom of the background. This album definately has an epic soul and I loved it! 4/5 and is well worth checking out.


1. Golos Lesov
2. Put Neprojdennyj
3. Noch Pered Bitvoj
4. Nivushka Niva
5. Temen
6. More-Son
7. Dumy Moi-Zarnicy Dal Nie
8. Waiting (Video)
VIC Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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