All Seeing Eyes - Trinity Road

All Seeing Eyes features Neverworld’s frontman Ben Colton. The writing of this album which is a massive 18 tracks in length was written to have a vast scope without boundaries. For this, ‘Trinity Road’ does fit the build. As for the style, it’s a progressive/power metal experience and should sit well with fans of Savatage’s latter material, Crimson Glory (Ben Jackson appears on this release - the Crimson Glory guitarist who lends guest vocals and co-written lyrics to the track ‘The Cube’). With albums like this, there is always a sense of orchestral ambience, however, All Seeing Eyes do it in a more subtle way and when they have some bombastic sections featuring keyboards, it’s not over the top although you will find a keyboard solo here and there.

The guitar work is second to none, effortlessly fitting within the often emotive arrangements but backed by the power of tracks such as ‘The Enlightened Ones’ right through to the softer ballad ‘Just  A Memory’ which really tugs at the emotive receptors when you listen to the song lyric. ‘Hunted’, ‘Wildlife (The Tribe)’ and ‘Secrets Beneath the Surface’ stand out rather well. Key to this release is the aforementioned guitar work that never fails to be precise on point and thoroughly in tune with the surrounding often complex arrangements. It’s not that I haven’t’ heard this sort of thing before, but you do have to be a fan of this style as you may well skip over a few tracks if you are impatient. My best advice would be to not do that! Give this time, the rewards are worth waiting for.

‘Trinity Road’ is a cool effort although it’s definitely a release for fans of this style. It’s very virtuoso in places, but controlled enough to have arrangements that take you on the journey with the lyrics of the songs. For the workmanship alone with the arrangements and the guitar work, it’s rated accordingly. This is music for the people who really appreciate musicianship matched with emotive mature lyrical content.

  1. The Enlightened Ones
  2. Trinity Road
  3. Haunted
  4. Wildlife (The Tribe)
  5. Just A Memory
  6. The Cube
  7. Master Minds
  8. Secrets Beneath The Surface
  9. Demons
  10. Break The Chains
  11. Follow The Leader 
  12. Hunted
  13. The Key
  14. Heart Of The Storm
  15. Medicine Man
  16. The Rings Of Kronos
  17. War Of The World
  18. The Aftermath

No Word Order
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 8, 2014

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