Alltheniko - Back in 2066 (Three Head Mutant Chronicles)

This is the fourth album from Italian heavy/speed metal band Alltheniko, a name that might be familiar to some fans of this style as they featured on the 2008 earache records sample release ‘Heavy Metal Killers’.

Aggressive vocals cross styles with both Kai Hansen (early Helloween) and a nasty snarl like some of old Grave Digger material (in tiny places here and there only). In fact the music reminds me of classic early Helloween when Kai was singing for that band. But bringing into a modern, recent comparable ‘Will the Night’ will have Enforcer (Swe) fans rejoicing as the tempo and feel is rather similar, but ‘Ticker for the Fireball’ is much more in tune with classic speed metal of those bands mentioned earlier. Living with many thunderous tempos, aggressive vocal lines and consistent battering drum patterns make this a very special track to play at a volume at the pain threshold of your hearing. The chorus to ‘New Worlds Hero’ really reminds me of Doro material; it is really uncanny that there is the same vocal tone coming from talented Alltheniko vocalist Dave Nightfight, although vocals are also provided by drummer ‘Luke The Idol’. I find It amazing that Alltheniko, as they are only a three piece, deliver such classic easy flowing speed metal influenced tunes (then again a lot of classic bands in the genre were 3-pieces), I can only think that these folks whom have been recording since 2002 have a plethora of experience behind them and the results are fruitfully delivered on ‘Back In 2066’ but I must also highlight ‘Bastard Rabbies’ which is awesome. 

If you want a release that heralds excitement and fury at every turn, then ‘Back in 2066’ is the very release you need.


  1. Land Of Salutation
  2. Ticker For The Fireball
  3. Will The Night
  4. Dance Of Mutant Knight
  5. Horizon
  6. Struggle Till The Sunset
  7. Riders To Rouen
  8. New Worlds Hero
  9. Bastard Rabbies
  10. 2066
  11. Back From The Other Side

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 31, 2012

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