Altar Of Pain - Severe Scourge

Just barely a year after the relese of their full length debut, Altar Of Pain still have ideas of death and destruction to deliver to their listeners through their first EP 'Severe Scourge.' Balancing between Brutal Death Metal similar to Severe Tourture and a bit of Death n' Roll from the recently disbanded Dismember, the  music is nothing short of furious. Tracks like "Infected" feature machine gun drumming with a hailstorm of riffs only softened up by the more melodic solos. "Fatal Disease" is a bit more chuggy but features more groove that just crunches along without much of a complaint; it is still heavy but shouldn't earn too much argument from fans despite a lack of speed. The only downside to this EP is the growls are a bit too low to hear at times. The shrieks are fine but especially on the first track it may take some cranking up the volume to really get into the music of Altar Of Pain. Still, the band continues the formula from their previous album- just in a smaller dose. If one is a fan of crushing brutal Death Metal that varies between fast and slow, then this is something to enjoy.

  1. Death By Exsanguination
  2. Fatal Disease
  3. The Fleshless Goddess
  4. Infected
  5. Organic Pathogen
  6. Scriptorium
  7. Void Dimension