Alterbeast - Feast

After some confusing lineup changes, California's Alterbeast are back with their 2018 record, 'Feast'. 'Feast' offers us 9 new tracks of face-melting deathcore fused with death metal, whilst maintaining their already acclaimed technical status in the metal scene.

It's a pity to admit that the brilliant and colourful album artwork is probably the most riveting aspect of the entire record. As opener 'Welcome To Your Doom', despite it's haunting opening piano leading into techy riffs, doesn't quite hit the mark when you compare it to the band's previous release, 'Immortal'. Progression through 'Feast' only embarks disappointment as the greatest segments and ideas are often drowned by their boastful technical agenda. Unfortunately the combination is somewhat ill-structured and messy. Possibly the album's highlight, 'The Maggots Ascension' offers a fresh breeze of ideas, lifting the band's curse of sounding too similar to The Black Dahlia Murder and instead offering almost hardcore components with relentless chugging and gang chants.

Whilst the drumming is a little quiet in the mix, it's definitely one of the stand-outs but ultimately a shame to get lost in the package. New vocalist has an odd range of mid-to-high pitched screams, severely lacking in the guttural department. Not to say the vocals are terrible, but they definitely get lost and easily forgotten. Very reminiscent of mid 2000's deathcore style, but unfortunately the band's previous singer felt a little more original, despite this one actually sounding pretty barbaric throughout.

The tech-death metal scene has recently erupted with some of the best technical death metal bands ever, showcasing their vast array of talents and quickly climbing the ladders. Alterbeast are sadly looking up at the ladder but barely moving up whilst bands like Decrepit Birth, Artificial Brain, and of course Archspire, lead the way. 'Feast' is their 'St. Anger', but 'Immortal' is their 'Ride The Lightening'.

  1. Welcome To Your Doom
  2. The Maggot's Ascension
  3. Black Flame Illumination
  4. Feast
  5. Vile Skin Possession
  6. Apex Night Eclipse
  7. Coffin Crescendo
  8. Where Dead Angels Lie (Dissection cover)
  9. Upon The Face Of The Deep