Alverg - Elde

The first impression on this album which paints a vague sepia image almost like a morbid child's fairy tale is given by a discordant piano which drops you right into the fury of elde's methodical and visceral music. The production is quite good despite a slight lack of volume and presence in the bottom end such as kick drums and bass but compliments the music which for the most part sits between Naglfar/Dark Funeral and Dark Throne. The guitar has a smooth crunch and sits just above the drums which provides driving rhythms often accompanied by melodic lead overlays, forbidding drop sections drizzled with organic yet guttural vocals.

1. Alverg
2. Gudsforlatt
3. En Pike Pa Seng Av Hvitt Linne
4. Syvfold
5. La Meg Fruse
6. Smerte
7. Svarthammeren
8. Towards The Kingdom Of Alverg

Soulseller Records
Reviewer: Skaven
Oct 1, 2009

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