Ammonal - Beginning The End Of Everything

Even though 'Beginning The End...' is only Ammonal's debut demo, it could very well be a first full length album. It is crisp, clean, and innovative melodic death metal right from that start that feels like Deicide on a higher level. The opening track is a melodic death metal instrumental that trudges along but hits in all the right places as far the guitars and drums go together. There are vocals, but they are more of an instrument themselves rather than bringing any lyrical delivery. They grunt and roar but like a caged beast don't really impact the listener until later. "Final War" is an excellent aggressive death metal track where everything is put to use in a very melodic, and technical, fashion. Rather than just meanlessly chug along, Ammonal tend to jump all over the place with bringing out different riffs and chords for a very extravagant song. "Doctrine Of Submission" brings forth the group's more rock inspired music, which is again later heard on "Fuckin Blues." Tracks like these aim for more of a death rock n' roll style, but don't follow the typical cheesy Six Feet Under style. There is still plenty of innovative melody there.

"I Bleed" is an interesting track because it features faint, backing female vocals to go along with the death growls and it really adds a new level of dynamic sound to the band overall. Whether or not this will be a main thing is yet to be seen, but it would be best if Ammonal kept such a gem style rare on tracks as not to fearfully over-use it, and therefore make it less memorable. "You'll Never See..." opens with almost a symphonic note but quickly gives way to the more melodic death metal side. Again, it makes use of a 'one time thing' on the album but as a result it is very effective. Lots of death metal fans in general should check this album out because not one track is the same and Ammonal tackle the musical side from a more innovative perspective rather than just perform everything in the typical 'cookie cutter' style of progressive/ melodic death metal.

  1. Beginning The End Of Everything
  2. Final War
  3. Doctrine Of Submission
  4. I Bleed
  5. Fuckin Blues
  6. You'll Never See You'll Never Know

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 31, 2011
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