Among Gods - Among Gods

This week we travel to Bergen, Norway, to know more in depth this band called Among Gods, formed in 2010 as a studio project, the band is finally consolidated with a fixed line-up including Ripper at the voice, Broke on guitar and Ivan on drums, and after recording in 2011 what we now have in our hands, "Among Gods", a six-song demo, we are looking forward to their first full-length planned for this summer.

As we know, there are several styles within each genre, some more fortunate than others, particularly,i consider myself a big fan of what today we will talk about, the Death Metal. In this case, Among Gods, offers an alternative that although not new, is very well executed, in my opinion, a solid Death Metal base with a strong Doom Metal influence in their compositions. A proposal which makes it quite aside the typical speed of this kind of music to focus notoriously in the half-tempo and in the heaviest and darkest riff´s, accompanied with great vocal work, which gives this work a tremendous darkness.

We can highlight songs like the one that opens the work, 'Crucifixion', where the drum cuts and the grief of their riff`s are very well worked, as also happens in 'Martyr', 'The Night Procession', or 'The Plague'. It is in 'The City Of The Death' where we note a very interesting change in rhythm, mixing power with the dynamism, without cutting the thread of what is heard before. Finally, we find 'Apocalypse', another demonstration of rawness, power and good compositional ideas with sharp guitars, one of the best jobs on drums, and very good instrumental arrangements in general.

In short, a good job, darkness and flashes of rage, I have the feeling that there is a numb beast in Among Gods, and I have curiosity about what will happen when it wakes up, we'll find out this summer!


1. Crucifixion
2. Martyr
3. The Night Procession
4. The Plague
5. The City Of The Dead
6. Apocalypse