Amputated Genitals - Human Meat Gluttony

Most of the grindfans know the band Purulent from Comlumbia who releases some albums. But with a tragic accident their guitarist passed away. To continue with the band they changed the name in Amputated Genitals. But don't worry, the musick is still the same. Brutal, fast, blast beast, gutteral vocals. In one word: extreme. This grind/death is only for the strong and when you are swallowed by the songs you might wanna amputate your own genitals. You won't feel any pain because this album numbed your brain.

1. Chessman Red Monday
2. Geriatric Blood Storm
3. Vaginal Skin Grind Vomit
4. Indigested With Human Heads
5. Caravito Attacks Again
6. Charred Neighborhood
7. Elias Bullets And Brain
8. Rites Of Brutality
Gore And Blood Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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