Anachronaeon – Everyday Chronicles

It comes as a sad epitaph that this Swedish death metal act has decided to close the book on their existence with this their sixth album from a band that has been around for a long time both under this moniker but under two previous names Eternally Devoured and Human Failure. This final album is being released as a free download but with limited availability each month. You can read the back story to why the band has called it a day on their Facebook page but here I’ll deal with their deathly swansong which kicks off with 'Denial-Card' an upbeat melodic track with a hooky delivery embedded with lashings of double bass, but it’s that catchy drive that imbues that hallmark of Swedish death metal that arrived in the early 90s via acts like In Flames etc. With that reference point in mind you can switch countries to Finland for 'Within Fairytales' which conjures up melancholic images of the Sentenced like ilk as the deep vocal emanations capture a Viking like tone.

'The Shadow In The Burning Sunset' has an epic flavour beginning sombrely before the shift in density and the crisp guitar melody. The song has a theatrical structure due to its fluxing pace dynamics created by the vocals which change to a narrative style with percussive fills and a lingering lead guitar that centres the song ready for a build-up sequence which is majestically executed. The myriad of styles Anachronaeon use is testament to the song writing ability of Patrik who skilfully weaves emotive guitar sections into the more aggressive passages on 'Vampire' which has a serene opening phase before it abruptly surges in speed. I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumental 'Under The Wintersun', its powering energy is absorbing, the melodic guitar work and driving drum work initially sere to carve a path ready for the delve into a tranquil segment that is beautiful.

'Cog' is true Gothenburg styled death metal, its gushing heaviness is counterbalanced by a superb melodiousness as the vocals take on a far beastlier approach making the song one of the more aggressive on the album yet equally easy to listen to. There are few tracks on this album that don’t catch your ear due to the saturation of riffs and leads added to the excellent drum work and robust bass chassis and passionate vocal display and as a climax to Anachronaeon’s career the band can firmly say they have left with a stupendous album for their fans as I now have to check out their entire back catalogue.

  1. Denial-Card
  2. Within Fairytales
  3. Relief
  4. The Shadow In The Burning Sunset
  5. Vampire
  6. Under The Wintersun
  7. Cog
  8. Scalpel-God
  9. Open Road
  10. Ashes In Your Mouth


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 18, 2018

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