Anachronaeon - The Oracle And The Keyholder

This is Swedish melodic death metal, with an evil twist, a short summary I know, but that’s how it is! This is the bands 5th album since forming in 2003 and releasing their 1st album in 2005. The dark journey commences in fine form, but kicks into gear properly when ‘On This Final Journey You Hold The Wheel’ brandishes its darkened soul, which harks to Unanimated by comparison. There is a deathly basis but an unholy presence in addition with the trailing guitar notes left to shatter your senses and test the level of your hearing pain threshold. You can hear an undercurrent of keyboards, not too much, just enough for atmosphere and the often progressive arrangements make this rather an entertaining release for variation. A lot of the “normal” melodic death metal pops up and confirms suitability to the sub-genre, but it’s the evil side that really makes your hair stand on end.

The tranquil moments are quickly set ablaze with a barrage of noise during ‘Her Words Pierce My Heart’ and the pattern continues into ‘Lifeline’ and ‘Dwelling Deep Within’. As with the running order, by the time you are over halfway, a familiar pattern emerges but I can’t deny the epic structure of the tracks, of which I prefer a lot more than the up tempo melo-death assault of say ‘Flatline’. ‘[Void] ()’ ends the release in an unnerving calm fashion which makes you reflect upon the balance of dark and light that’s transpired over the preceding tracks.

"The Oracle And The Keyholder" is written in such a way it makes all elements of a common style stand out and makes for some poignant listening in certain quarters, other standard aggressive tunes don’t lift the experience more than the speed for me, but it is a very well written collection of songs, but ablaze with similarities to other artists, but non the less enjoyable.

  1. Trading Youth Of The Soul For A Crown Of Thorns      
  2. On This Final Journey You Hold The Wheel    
  3. Flowing Like An Ocean Of Grief To Be Framed     
  4. Her Words Pierce My Heart      
  5. I Was Failing To See      
  6. Dwelling Deep Within      
  7. Lifeline      
  8. Flatline      
  9. [Void] ()