Anachronism - Orogeny

Ok lads. Deep breath and let's get into something brainiac. Anachronism, from Switzerland and let the darkness of Morbid Angel meet the technicality of Atheist and Cynic and the wrath of Decrepit Birth and Defeated Sanity. Can you imagine a fine blend of these bands? If the answer is yes, then you can pretty much sum up what Anachronism is all about.

Their new album, baring the heavy title "Orogeny" breaks the silence with natural harmonic sweeps and minor chords over drum beats that tend to balance between technical performance and brutality. 'Anthropocene' is the best track to open "Orogeny". Sets the mood directly where they want it to be. Don't expect simple 4/4 beats here. Complexity at its finest with those Swiss ravagers. What's crazy is how they tend to blend things that originally wouldn't fit together. When guitars go wild and itchy, the drums usually play down to earth patterns allowing the guitars to breathe and same goes the other way. When the drums go blast beat, usually the guitars play chords or create atmosphere in general and I think this is what could be the main highlight of this album. Extremity created by mixed climax of brutality.

There are of course moments that all instruments go crazy but I think the general rule is one backing up for the other's rage. This creates a unique style. Something like a vortex. A black hole ready to suck you in. 'Cursed Be The Senses' would be for me the album's song. Startin off with some really obscure chord progression while the drums are going wild. Song proceeds and besides the leads and the solos, you get the Anachronism typical blast beat over chord parts. Wrathful patterns succeed technical interleaves and then they both get mixed together with the guitars holding the pace while the drums go wild. This song sums up the entire album's aura. Breeds darkness and chaos and I believe this is what they want to achieve with "Orogeny".

Besides guitars and drums, a big plus to this album is the bass guitar itself. Discreet sounding but still, making its presence visible adding heaviness to the entire outcome especially when the guitars play all those atmospheres. Works perfectly with the drums adding a solid base for the rest to step on. Great work on the vocals as well. Here we have an example of a growler that knows when and how. Decides not to fill every inch of the song with vocals but carefully places them knowing when and where.

Pre last song of the album is instrumental and the album closes with an obscure and outer dimensional sample compilation. "Orogeny" consists of demanding songs and of course is performed with utter precision as each band member is a surgeon at his/her field but this is not enough. The production binds all that together and helps boost the outcome sending "Orogeny" to another level of perfection. Each instrument has its own space here and they all work together. Crystal clear cos this type of extremity needs clarity. Everything is heard loud and everything works for a great outcome.

The last but definitely not least in "Orogeny" is the cover artwork. Really awesome cover making the entire package a really interesting purchase for the death metal fan that likes to expand his views beyond sheer brutality. Definitely one of 2018's top 10.

  1. Anthropocene
  2. Cryptobiosis
  3. Aware Of This Descent
  4. Orogeny
  5. Hidden Relief
  6. Neurodegeneration
  7. Cursed Be The Senses
  8. Perfect Asymmetry
  9. Endotherm
  10. 11'034

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 13, 2018

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