Anael - On Wings Of Mercury

Anael is a German black metal band which released their last album in 2003. On that disc I mentioned it was showing off their Hellhammer and Celtic Frost influences. Well, on this album you still can hear it but you have to listen very closely. Vocals are diverse, clean chanting or hellish. Black metal that changes tempostyle frequently, fast, compelling or atmospheric. This makes this album attractive. The diversity in tempo, melody, vocalstyle. A very nice and mature album from Anael. Be sure to check it out yourself.

1 Swords
2 Children Of Besz
3 The Black God's Icon
4 On Wings Of Mercury
5 Slayeress Of Kings
6 Interlude
7 Marching Through Babylon's Gates
8 A Storm From The Past
9 Call Of The Eastern Tower
10 Where Silence Echoes
Barbarian Wrath
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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