Anal Blast - Assault On The Hot Wet Blood Hole

Anal Blast, a band from St Paul/Minneapolis (according to their website which has some disparity with their page), Minnesota, USA, has released an album and has declared their last US tour. I do not know why the band is stopping touring, but alas, there it is. But in their CD ASSAULT ON THE HOT WET BLOOD HOLE, available through Nightfall Records, Anal Blast has formulated a sound and a set of images designed to antagonize as many people as possible. And their antagonism is not political, it is personal and physical (a beautiful thing in this era of American dialogue where everything seems to be about civil rights and the 2008 presidential Election). To hell with all that stuff; Anal Blast gets down to the brass tacks with great sick grind-core. Their CD ASSAULT ON THE HOT WET BLOOG HOLE rides the wave that was surely created by the mainstay in American death-sick music, Cannibal Corpse, but does so without the penetratingly cool repetitive riffs that that band has fabricated right through its whole career. Anal Blast has a much more varied take on sick-core.

I mentioned that they seemed to have designed this record to antagonize everything around them? Well, this judgment also applies to their sound in terms of their artistic reaction to the traditions of death grind. For one, the tunes are way shorter than anything Cannibal Corpse plays on any of their albums. They tend to follow the 3 – 5 minute song structure basically. GORE OBSESSED has at least one track that is longer than that, but this is their general time structure for their music. Anal Blast does not follow the same structure. They pack a lot of grossness and fury into almost always 2 minutes. Impressive in my book. A couple tracks are longer and then there is the CD closer, “Lil Cunts 2000 / Vaginal Vempire 1998,” which clocks at 21:22 and opens with proper metal and then records several “conversational” moments that just need to be heard to find pleasure in, and then closes with a fast rendition of what must be “Vempire 1998.”

But Anal Blast’s antagonism of reality and morality does not stop there. It is all in their lyrics and song titles too. In terms of song titles, I think one of the best two examples are “I Only Hit You Because You're Pretty When You Cry” and “Staple Your Pussy Lips Together.” These are suggestions of very personal violence. And then in terms of antagonistic lyrics the best examples, I think, are found in “Honey/Bloody Hole/Suck Your Shit,” where the singer tells a woman to lick the shit off his dick, and in “Farm Animal Hammer,” where a voice ends the track by yelling that some women (“bitches” he says) love to be peed on. This is a different take on death grind than Cannibal Corpse again because the violence, though similar, is more gender specific in its execution (no pun). But Anal Blast has something going on here. Strong vocals, guitars that are wild, and drums that do not bore. I hope they keep on doing something with music or at least let the world know their next musical steps after Anal Blast’s demise (if that is truly the plan) because I for one want to keep listening.

1. Crimson Smell
2. Smell Your Cunt
3. Bloody Mary
4. Pull A Train
5. Staple Your Pussy Lips Together
6. Wings Flew Away
7. Menstrual Pancake
8. Pussy Blood Popsicle
9. Diaretic Orgasm
10. Honey_Bloody Hole_Suck Your Shit
11. Spraying Blood
12. Farm Animal Hammer
13. Ass Over Snacth
14. Tampon Tea Bag
15. I Only Hit You Because You're Pretty When You Cry
16. Internet Cunt
17. 5.Obese
18. Red Mist Rising
19. Smells Like Fish _ Tastes Like Chicken
20. Beer Bong Enema
21. High On Cunt Blood
22. Cum Shitting Whore + Bonus Track
23. Fucking Fat
24. Bitch Sucks A Cock
25. Menstrual Munchies
26. My First Period
27. Wings Flew Away_Menstrual Pancake_Pussy Blood Popsicle Live
28. Lil Cunts 2000 _ Vaginal Vempire 1998
Mutilated Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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