Anal Nosorog – Condom Of Hate

21 songs for 32 minutes of music: this the grind core debut album for this band from Moscow. Previously released in a very limited edition only for some Russian maniacs, Condom Of Hate is now available for all the grind fans worldwide: starting from a solid base of Gore Grind (that reminded me of the sound of acts like Ahumado Ganujo and Brutal Truth) the band inserts in the offer punk riffs, thrash and hardcore chorus and tons of heavy and groovy tunes that sound really interesting and catchy (obviously in the positive meaning of the term…). We can also find some “avant-garde” and funny inserts but in my opinion these ones don’t give to the album anything of really special: personally I prefer when the band plays heavy and groovy as a grind act must do. A good first album.

1. Intro
2. Condom Of Hate
3. Experiment With Excrement
4. Krov Ne Voda
5. Carpathian Swime Herb Who Found An Effective Remedy
6. Mandavoshka
7. Legalize Shit
8. Antichrist Superstar
9. Backdoor To The God
10. Gothic Girl Cannibal
11. Moohomore Gore
12. Nuclear Winter In Nicaragua
13. Fuck The USA (cover Exploited)
14. Rectal Split Into The Soul
15. Are You Ready
16. Feeding A Child With A Knife
17. Vegetable Massacre
18. Two Person Coffin
19. Turbobulldozer
20. The First Victim Of Lipasaction
21. Even Your Culture Opposses Women You Still Suck
Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009
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