Analkholic - After Party Shit Stinks

Do you know the town of Noumea? No? But you know where New Caledonia lies? Neither? Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with you? Are you really an fucking ignorant? Well. I feel sorry for you, and explain it to you. Caledonia is located in the South Pacific, east of Australia and Noumea is the capital. With around 250,000 inhabitants, New Caledonia is not a real powerful country of this earth. New Caledonia is in the classical sense a real Pacific paradise with long white sandy beaches, bays and turtles and palms. And, believe it or not, someone is fucked off, of this country. Probably he made a big shit pile in the middle of the capital of New Caledonia. This huge shit pile has its midst divided into two parts. First one is called Fitch and the second one is called Nono. Together, they are Analkholic. Now this shit pile walking through this soth pacific paradise. And not only that. They also make more noise and call it music. Exactly, Porngrind. Their debut album is called "Afterparty Shit Stinks" and is released in December 2014 on Bizarre Leprous Production. This CD offers 19 songs roughest Porngrind with a total playing length of about 27 minutes. The common Porngrind fan is what you'd expect exactly offered in these 27 minutes. Extremely distorted grunts and squeaks and occasionally a smidgen screeching and screaming. This one should probably call singing. There are simple guitar riffs from deep down tuned and fucked up distorted guitars and this supported by a distorted bass, which almost could be a guitar if the bass-guitar were not so damned bassy.

The songs used to short and the tracks according to clearly ambiguous. The sound is not bad either and a typical Porngrind songwriting, with no new ideas. Accordingly, you should now think that there is no reason this band to know and then but far from it. Because the piece of shit stinks! Somehow these two fuckin Pacific freaks got it right that one likes to listen to this disc yet. And that is apparently at this filth drum machine. Not because this sounds so awesome, no, that sounds even quite miserable. Especially the cymbal sound like the lid of my pots. No, it's the beat of this drum machine. The beat is precisely specifies to match the guitar. So this shitty music invites you to dance. To dance in the mid of a huge pile of shit! It is hardly possible to escape this beat. And therefore this album is a real worth listening piece of dirt from shit and puke. (Note Author: I don`t know how has come puke in the shit.) So, each Porngrind-fan will have really pleasure with this piece of shit!

  1. Anal Punishment
  2. Cypreen
Cumshot Attack
  3. Geniatal Devastation
  4. Deprave
  5. Captain Malt
  6. Mès Que Una Beer
  7. Shit In Your Mouth
  8. Cul Sec
  9. Purulent Abscess
  10. Fuck You I'm Drunk
  11. Sergent Poppers
  12. Spermathlon
  13. Visceral Torture
  14. Anal Montana
  15. Double Headed Dildo
  16. Dead Laden
  17. Virulent Excrements 
  18. Exctraction Of Balls

Reviewer: Rolf
Jun 13, 2015

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