Anatomy - Libido Medico

This pathological grind band hails from Italy and released their latest tune in 2006. This album follows their two demos "Purulent Pus... Suck My Leg!" (2003) and "Ematemesi" (2004). On this new album you get 5 tracks from their latest demo together with 5 new ones. The album starts with an instrumental intro that set the tone for the rest. Mostly up tempo with speed ups and slow downs. Vocals are really wicked, shrieking high ones covered with some grunts in the background. Guitars are scalping through with some lead incissions. Anatomy is playing groovy and catchy songs that are dealing with sick lyrics and they can handle their songs. Never too chaotic or extreme but pleasant ones to rise your libido.

1. Enter The Doctor
2. Cancer Of The Spinal Cord
3. Bloody Wound Infested By Bacteria
4. Covered In Blood Defecation
5. Visceral Infection
6. Blindeness Due To A Glaucoma
7. Purulent Bag
8. Craniofaringioma
9. Epileptic Fit With Convulsion And Sick
10. Ematemesi
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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