Anatomy - Overtreatment

In the genre of goregrind, ya gotta love it, ya cant get away from it! Total Carcass worship! They say immitation is the highest form of flattery. And Anatomy's "Overtreatment" does just a fine job here.

Though whats nice i hear alot of old bands here in the sound such as old Entombed, Dismember/Carnage which is a definate plus to the sound, right down to the old stinkin` sound of old Boss heavy metal pedals with the mids sucked right out. I really dig the dark melodies but i guess thats part of the carcass worship. i would say vocally the band are more akin to the likes of Impaled (Which are also a carcass worhsip band but are great!) what with the high shreking vocals to the filthy gutturals. If anything , i think the drum kit is alittle bit too triggered and kinda takes away from the old filthy sound, especially in the toms. The lead guitar sound could be abit more fuller as it sounds very weak and almost hidden in the mix but this is a fairly minor qualm. hell, even the titles are medical references which ya know when you see them that you definately wouldnt want a dose of that!

But as a fan of the genre i really dug this cd and will be checking them out even more so. I think they do the old carcass sound real good, but if your not a fan of this type of thing expect nothing more than what i have just said. Definately worth a listen if your into carcass worship bands ala Exhumed and Impaled. Though as an imitation band not quite as good as the original but hey who cares?! Brilliant!

1. Vicodin(intro)
2. Balanoposthitis
3. Acute Thrombosis In The Renal Vein
4. Papilliary Carcinoma
5. Hemolytic Anemia
6. Granulomatosis
7. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
8. Urticaria Pigmentosa
9. Malignant Otitis Externa

F.D.A. Rekotz
Reviewer: Connor
Dec 20, 2009
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