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In 2017 was Anaxagor was formed with only 3 goals, to have an album recorded at La Fnac, have an article about them in Rock Hard Magazine and last but not least to play at Hellfest Metal Festival. Maybe these goals where just for fun but the French old school thrash/death metal band definitely succeeded with a fourth goal, to make a hell of a metal album.

With a first release in 2018, a live studio album named “Only The Strongest” Anaxagor began to build a strong reputation. After playing a lot of concerts for a few years and were selected in the top 50 bands for The Voice of Hell, the band decided it was time for a full length album. So the band went into the studio and in 2020 Anaxagor released the album named after the band.

Beginning with a low growl ‘The Plague’ has arrived, a mixture of riffs and different rhythms although this track is a death metal song the trash metal influences are clearly noticeable because of some guitar riffs in combination with the drums who is playing a skunk beat. The end of the song is a real killer because of all the different musical parts coming together, it really makes me curious about what is to come next.

Probably one of the biggest surprises on this album for me was the second song ‘Shepard’. The opening is a bit strange but that is something what immediately catches your attention. As it progresses the raw vocals are taking the lead in this track and are creating a brutal dominating atmosphere. Throughout this song the guitars in combination with the drums are providing a solid base and the cooperation between the two is very skilful. In the middle part of the track the vocals are mutating for a short moment and after that all hell breaks loose.

‘Fame Of Thrash’ is also a very interesting song. It is almost like Anaxagor created two short songs and put them together in this track, varying in different tempos. A slow technical part and a fast heavy thrash/death part. Combining two different tempos in a song is not an easy thing to do but when done. It creates an awesome sound.

The album “Anaxagor” is seriously a good album to listen to, musically the different guitar parts and solos combined with the drum rhythms, grooves and fills are almost creating a new style of metal. The vocals on this album are well done but are also very consistent and there is not a lot variety in them but still they are very good in helping the musical elements coming together. The mixing and mastering of the album is also very clear and pleasant to listen to, especially the drums. This factor is one of the most important things (if not the most important) in metal songs.

I can definitely recommend listening to this band if you are into death metal.

5 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Daan Winkelhorst

Oct 12, 2020

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Anaxagor – Anaxagor

review Anaxagor - Anaxagor

1. The Plague
2. Shepard
3. Stomping On A Face
4. Rise From Your Grave
5. Fame Of Thrash
6. Panopticon
7. Blood Lord
8. Louder Than All
9. Born To Frag
10. Toxic Troll


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