Anestesia - Satisfied

Out of the Czech comes this band that surpises me a lot. The good quality debut is a mixture of death, grind, and hardcore. Maybe even more influences. The result is a mixture of different styles and all together give some nice songs. From the first song on it rocks, hammers and touches. The songs are heavy leaning on the guitar wall of sound. The vocals are raw and aggressive. Nice debut so write to the label for more info and for their huge distro list.

1. Zodiac
2. Lack of interest
3. A last game in advance
4. Satisfied...?
5. Before you (inner feelings)
6. U.f.o.e.t.
7. "I..."
8. Facing the ground
9. Desperation
Cephalic Recs
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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