Angel Witch - As Above, So Below

One of the UK’s leading NWOBHM/Traditional metal forces lies in Angel Witch. You may know the history, you may not, but having since formed in 1978, Kevin Heybourne (Guitars and Vocals) remains the only original member (Bill Steer moonlights as a live guitarist from time to time). Remaining as a classic power trio in the studio, there comes a time when every man, woman and child must hear some news that is delightful, the news is that there is finally a brand new Angel Witch release!

Not content with writing new material, Angel Witch have pulled out some forgotten gems from its understated past. ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ was first penned in 1983/84, this is a perfect song to begin the new album with. With Melody, hooks, galloping bass lines, all combined to give resultant forces essential for any traditional heavy metal fans desires. Some of the tracks are very long, over 7 minutes in some places (‘Brainwashed’ – what an epic new track!), but that is really not at odds with your listening pleasure, it just depends on how epic or how quick you want your metal fix. Epic springs to mind when I hear ‘Witching Hour’ that contains more of my beloved galloping bass and guitar work, I really do like this style, it’s all things to all humans, and not forgetting, this is complimented with Heybourne’s unmistakable sultry vocal tones, you can easily get lost with hook, the arrangement of this heavy metal statement. If you listen hard, the church organ adds to the tracks atmosphere, eerie I feel, but it’s the thundering backbone to the guitar work and a cool way to get across the lyric of the track. This guitar work is personified during the solo; it’s a little bit special let’s just say that. I like artists whom can use melody to their advantage; with such a strong production as the listener you are never going to be cheated.

The artwork will surely make one hell of a vinyl and with more new tracks coming in the form of ‘Geburah’ you are in for a treat with the new tracks. This occult teaching also bear reference in the album title ‘As Above, So Below’, referring to one hand pointing up and one down that signifies the two different levels of existence and their influence on each other (relating to the polarity or the way Levi’s Baphomet, aka The Goat of Mendes, drawing is pointing – remember classic Angel Witch t shirts?).

All that remains for me to say is that Angel Witch are due to make one hell of a rebirth, it is now complete, ‘As Above, So Below’ is the only blueprint you really need to satisfy your musical passion.


  1. Dead Sea Scrolls
  2. Into The Dark 
  3. Geburah 
  4. The Horla 
  5. Witching Hour 
  6. Upon This Cord 
  7. Guillotine
  8. Brainwashed