AngelBlast - Rotting Paradise

AngelBlast is a project formed in 2019 by the Canadian Gord Olson (guitars & vocals) and the Swede Hempa Brynolfsson (guitars & vocals) and "Rotting Paradise" is their debut release.

It consists of two tracks of furious and melodic death/black metal in the vein of Dissection, named 'Rotting Paradise' and 'Descending Of The Immortals' plus a dark and gloomy piano outro called 'Incarnation Of The Fallen'. The sound quality is on a very good level and the drumming is crushing. There is no info on AngelBlast's metal-archives page who is the drummer but the drum work is very tight. The guitar riffs and melodies carry the spirit of the death/black metal scene in Sweden and Norway from the beginning of the 90's.

Besides Dissection, bands such as Emperor and Satyricon come to mind while listening to this EP. Both guys seem to be quite good musicians because the material here is on a very good level. AngelBlast is a band that I will look out for in the future and wait for a debut album!


1. Rotting Paradise
2. Descending Of The Immortals
3. Incarnation Of The Fallen