Antagonism - Digging Past Sounds

Italy’s Antagonism opens up their first full-length album, Digging Past Sounds, with the track “Skin Hunter Kill(ing)”. It begins as a gruff, fuzz guitar driven foot stomping fest before kicking into a trudging slobber knocker. There is energy in the track and it was a good beginning to the disc as a whole. From there we go into Sick Aids, No More, and Garbage Suffocation. The guitar tones never really change throughout the album and there is a sense of repetition with rhythms and pacing of the vocals. Not quite formulaic, but there is a tendency to confuse any of the songs with each other.

While there a few changes in their songs, it all tends to blend together, one after the other. That said, the most appealing aspect of this album was the drumming. Very solid, well constructed beats and that are consistent throughout Antagonism’s work. Attempting more layered song arrangements would greatly benefit their output. The album is a nice starting point, but far from a memorable death metal album.

There is a real gem on Digging Past Sounds in the final two minutes and thirty two seconds in Akustic Rebellion. It’s a nice mini journey through up and down tempos and it seems more involved than its brief length would suggest. It stands out brightly against the rest of the tracks on Digging Past Sounds. More variation in the writing would be preferred, and as the title of the album suggests, this would fit right in with the late 80s and early 90s of the metal world. That said, the style does sound a bit dated for a band that formed in 2005.


1. Skin Hunter Kill(ing)
2. Sick AIDS 
3. No More
4. Garbage Collapse Suffocation 
5. Saturday Night Crash 
6. Politicized 
7. Thy Piggest Souls 
8. Poisoned Rats 
9. G-Hate 
10. Unexpected End Of Life 
11. Akustic Rebellion

Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 24, 2012

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