Antediluvian - Watcher's Reign

This Canadian release is more of a compiliation than a full album, and it showcases one of the more interesting sides of the band. Taken from three earlier demos, one can expect the production quality to be bad. And it is indeed BAD. The entire music side is fuzzy, distorted, and when trying to flow seamlessly like black metal usually does with no breakdowns or pauses, it just sounds like a big mess. However, much of this album's fuzzy sound, along with the roaring vocals that sound more like funeral doom than black metal, give way to hints that maybe this was headed in doom direction in the early days after all compared to its more recent black metal relases. The pace is certainly fast, like black metal, but the deeply growled vocals that seem almost incomprehensible feel more death or doom metal.

Another thing to notice is that Antediluvian stay away from the usual trend of black metal style. Many of these tracks are sheer instrumental with the vocals only coming in once or twice, and even then they grunt so low that it makes them feel more like an instrument than a conveyer of lyrical display. On the other hand, music fans these days usually prefer well produced, understandable music, unless it is meant to be ambient. The crude production makes only the solos ring clear through this album, while the rest is muddled. Only really for the die hard fans, or those who like very fuzzy blackened doom.

  1. Serpent of Thy Grail
  2. Acid Eden
  3. Desert Succubus
  4. The Pit of Bones
  5. Circle in the Sand
  6. Precambrian Ziggurat
  7. The Serpentine Double Helix
  8. Came Total Destruction
  9. Nephilim Abomination
  10. Tears Of Sodom

Invictus Productions
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Feb 4, 2011

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