Anthrophagus - Anima In Decay

First album from these breakers from Belgium. A band active since 2007, manages to release their first full length only 10 years later. Better late than never huh? Anyway let's cut the crap and get to the chase. Anthrophagus is a band that tends to mix up things a bit too much. If I could define their genre, I would have to say that they play technical death metal influenced by bands as Death (not the first era), Pestilence, Control Denied, Morbid Angel etc.

"Anima Is Decay" is an album that kind of sums up all their love for these bands in one album. You'll find the brutality of Morbid Angel and their drank approach to death metal, combined with more technical interleaves. The songs themselves are vast with many parts in their construction, forcing you to pay attention to their detail as most of the times they will change from blastbeat, to technicality and then maybe an old school swirling riff before they get back to blast beat again. A great deal of weaponry to the drummer's arsenal following the main riff, every time with the appropriate beat. Really versatile and adjustable adding points to the final outcome. The riffs themselves are sharp and edgy. Followed by the base guitar to the beat, creating a brutal sound wall coming at you at waves crushing at your ear drums. The vocals are not the typical brutal growls but still serve their purpose fine.

And all that is of course maximized by the crystal clear production. Everything has its special place in the final mix and nothing interferes with anything. Maybe a bit more roughness in the mix would add points to their cohesiveness but then again this is just a matter of taste. The negative part in this release and it saddens me to say cos other than that is a really cool first full length, is the fact that sometimes they over exaggerate with technicality. I mean, once you listen to the album again and again, it feels like they try a bit too much to fit technical terms to their music even if this is not necessary. For some reason it HAS to be technical no matter what and this take away the flow from the whole album. Maybe to their next efforts they should trust the old rock n roll attitude and just let themselves go. It doesn't have to be super technical, cos their riffing is really cool the way it is. Anyway. Take that aside and you got yourselves a really nice debut from a Belgian band doing its first steps (a demo and an EP already but still...) in the death metal discography.

  1. Slaughterhouse Orgy
  2. Fragments Of Reality
  3. Compulsive Penetration
  4. Relentless Suffering
  5. Acrimonious Moonlight
  6. Decimation By The Stone
  7. Domestic Purification
  8. Unleashed
  9. Aristocracide
  10. Anthropophagous Manifestations (rerecorded)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 14, 2017

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