Antigama / Deformed - Roots Of Chaos

On this new Polish label appear these two Polish bands in a national match.
Antigama is a grind band that comes with a twelve minute song that is totally different of what they do. Combing industrial with noise it is totally experimenting and to be true, it doesn't do shit with me. I prefer Antigama with albums as "Intellect Made Us Blind" or "Discomfort".
Deformed has already release some shit and they just continue with blasting death grind. Growling grunts, hyper drumcomputer and twisted riffing. Tempo is high with variations but stil with a catchy edge.

Obvious who is the winner of this chaos but maybe it will differ for you...

1. Psicobambola

2. Plastic Bag Existence
3. Amorphous Embrace
4. Dead Bodies Accident
5. Rapist From Shankill
6. With Mask Without Face
Deformeathing Production
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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