Antigama - Discomfort

Another release from Antigama (Poland). This is massive grindcore with influences of deathmetal and experimental flights into jazz and groovecore. Guitars have in your face heavy sound and perform from straightforward riffing till some kind of weird soundscapes. Drums are pretty dynamic and take the songs into different directions fluidly. Vocals are screaming hate and discomfort. A modern approach towards grindcore with massive production.

1. Flies
2. Bloodmaker
3. Stupid fuck
4. Whois my enemy?
5. Try
6. This structure is tight
7. President says yes
8. Sick i am
9. Shit from arse
10. Bolo
11. Save copy as...
12. Discomfort
13. Fala (the seed mix)

+ bonus multimedia track :/flies/
Self Made God Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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