Antigama - Intellect Made Us Blind

From Poland comes this band who play 10 tracks full of heavy and aggressive metal. The vocals are deep and grinding. The drums are hammering and sometimes at blasting speed. The wall of sound is closed by the guitar and bass. Collectively they play some controlled chaotic metal. My fav tracks are number 6 and 9 but don't know the titles as they were not supplied with the promo. So if you like aggressive metal you can pick this one up.

1. Pendemorphia
2. A Tendency to Sleep
3. Come and Go
4. Spare Some Change
5. Synthesis
6. Everything`s Normal
7. Savior-Vivre Mastas
8. Filth and Pain
9. Fala (Siekiera cover)
10. Improv
The Flood Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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