Antigama - Zeroland

Antigama is very productive in 2005. This is their 2nd release this year and their 3rd full length. Their style is complex grind with inspirations taken from other extreme metal streams. Fast songs with even faster blasts, distorted guitars and various vocalstyles. Short songs that pour pure adrealin in your freaking body. Don't count the tracks Starshit and Zeroland because that are experimental noise tracks. Instead those two I rather heared some real songs. With this album Antigama is pushing their edges a bit further.

1. Seed
2. Izaak
3. Jazzy
4. Starshit
5. How
6. The View
7. Wounded Butterfly
8. Sorry
9. Zeroland
Selfmadegod Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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