Antipathic - Autominous Mechanical Extermination

Antipathic's debut EP is a definitive short collection of immense brutality. 'Autonomous Mechanical Extermination' is only three tracks in length, which is ultimately the biggest disappointment here. The music is pummeling; Following their peers such as Suffocation and Dying Fetus, whilst also providing the listener with modern pinches of slam and technical death metal. The record is a tease for any extreme metal fan, as it only lightly showcases what the band could boast with on a future release.

Vocals are furious and several different styles are practiced in this EP, It's almost as if the band couldn't make up their mind which direction they wanted, so they just bunged it all in, which works perfectly. The overall production is topped off superbly, and this could of gone either way with this genre. Similar effort is poured into the artwork, despite the release being so brief. This band is worth the hype of checking out, and I'm predicting a larger field of succession on the next record.

  1. Apparatus
  2. Molecular Deviations
  3. Autonomous Mechanical Extermination

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 8, 2017

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