Antipathic - Covered With Rust

Born at the end of 2016, Antipathic - an italian/american (Tato from Glacial Fear/Zora on vocals/bass and Chris from Human Repugnance on guitars/drums) act - released their first work called "Autonomous Mechanical Extermination" in April 2017. This EP included three songs that combined a particular form of grind/death metal and slam. Some months later they had a deal with the italian underground label Despise The Sun Records for the release of the very first full length album.

During 2018 the band was busy writing a total of 12 new songs that became their full length called "Humanimals", which was released through Despise The Sun Records in January 2019. With "Humanimals", as I read in their bio, the band continued to narrate the apocalyptic themes of when machines and artificial intelligence become the dominant force in the world.

Only few months later, Antipathic return with a new EP called "Covered With Rust", 2 songs and 2 covers (Obituary and Cannibal Corpse).

Band that faithfully retraces its path, without allowing itself to be contaminated by external influences. Antipathic play what they like best and do it in the best way. Only for lovers of the genre.

3 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Inexorable Hierarchy
2. Reautonomous
3. IDGAF (cover Obituary)
4. Covered With Rust (cover Cannibal Corpse)

Self released
Reviewer: Enrico Benedetti
Jun 7, 2020

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