Apeiron - Among The Lost

Apeiron are a technical death metal band from Italy that deliver a fresh sound amongst the masses. Delivering with technical brutality they also are very good at incorporating melody into their music as well. Their debut, Among The Lost, is a scorcher with burning bass lines and ripping riffs that basically tear the ears off listeners. Yet somehow in all the chaos there's an intricate beauty to the madness. It doesn't take long before one understands how much they can appreciate the ingenuity behind the music.

The album starts with an ambient opener and then cruises into the technical death metal masterpiece "Voids Of Breath." It weaves and crushes at the same time, especially during the progressive interlude between versus involving some rarely used clean vocals. For the most part, the vocals are snarled/ growled in the way that a band like Periphery would, or Dark Tranquility. But there's also a healthy dose of melody in the mix as well. "Hendra," the following track, also features a very progressive and jazzy interlude to along with the steamroll of heavy death metal that Apeiron delivers, but one can really more bass work. That's the beauty of Apeiron's debut: their ability to delivery crushing metal and yet somehow let all the instruments be heard. There's too many death metal bands out there who don't leave enough room for the bass, and it is a good thing that Apeiron did not go down that road.

The more melodic tracks that border the melodic death vein for the catchy riffs, mixed with technical drum and bass work, are "Scavenging Thoughts" and "Through Me You Enter." "Scavenging" is indeed crushing, Apeiron have a lot more melody and breaks with their guitars. It is the interlude though that will really get fans as there's some softer, repetitive notes and then a solo that just really shows what the band is made of. Whichever guitarist is on that solo really knows how to play his instrument (there's 2 guitarists in the band). "Through me..." is the softest track on the album, and it is a short instrumental, but features some very calming acoustic guitar and also some proggy synth that may seem a bit strange, but acts as a great melodic interlude for the album.

Overall, fans of any sort of death metal will enjoy this. It has a bit of everything from each genre and certainly is BRUTAL! If one doesn't like Apeiron, then they don't know death metal. Congrats to these guys for their debut and hopefully many more to come.

  1. Into The Deep
  2. Voids Of Breath
  3. Hendre
  4. Clutches Of Despair
  5. The Last Page
  6. Scavenging Thoughts (Of Mortality Lost)
  7. Red Waters Of Archeron
  8. The Crossing
  9. Through Me You Enter
  10. Among The Lost

Last Scream Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 22, 2010

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