Apeiron - The Cruel Crime

Good ol'Italian death metal. "The Cruel Crime" is only the second release by Apeiron the last being  a demo release "Endternity" from back in 2002.. With "The Cruel Crime" I can see that Apeiron are on the right track and that this band  has somewhere to go. Delivering an ambience of melodic death that is laced with old school metal, hitting you with classic riffs and giving you that rebelious feeling that is fine tuned on the edges taking your mind to another realm while still keeping you grounded in this one. With "The Cruel Crime" Apeiron will not disappoint you. Blowing mind and kicking ass I give "The Cruel Crime" 4/5.

1. Scavenging Thoughts (Of Morality Lost)
2. The Crossing
3. Clutches of Despair
4. The Chant (bonus track 2008)
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009
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