Apiary - Lost In Focus

From San Jose (California) these dudes come with their debut album on Metal Blade. Apiary melts metal with hardcore together and the songs are sounding energetic and chaotic. Vocalstyle is done in a shouty way but due to less variation it is sounding one dimensional after a few songs. Guitars are doing some freaky riffs in nervous start-stop repeatness. Beside the monotonous sound you will find some groovy in the 13 songs. This album need some listen rounds before you can tell if you dig it or not. It is def not your daily cup of metal but for fans of heavy and log energy it should be welcome.

1. Pain Is The Reason
2. Descent
3. Extract
4. Omnipresence
5. Intervention
6. Bliss In Vain
7. Forced To Breathe
8. Lustrum
9. Peril's Divinity
10. Solidified Foundation
11. Fading Imprint
12. These Walls Are Permanent
13. Finding A Way Back
Metal Blade Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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