Apocalyptic Fear - Decayed Existence/Dawn Of The Ritual

Apocalyptic Fear is what you can easily call an oldschool metal gem - this Canadian band existed from 1991 and 1994 and managed to release just two demos, "Decayed Existence" from 1992 and "Dawn Of The Ritual" from 1994.

Now those two demos are being re-released on one CD via Awakening Records which, curiously enough, is a label from China. What awaits you in this CD are nine tracks plus an intro of furious thrash/death metal in the best oldschool traditions. The guys in Apocalyptic Fear are good musicians and deliver lots of aggression combined with precise playing. Jean-Francois Houle (vocals/guitar) combines with ease deep growls with insanely high screams which is a pretty original approach and gives the band its own sounding.

Tracks like 'Mutilated By Sickness', 'The Execution' or 'Drive Us To Hate' will make your head moving with their heavy guitar riffs and solid rhythm section. The production is on a good level and you can hear what each one of the guys is playing.

If you are into oldschool thrash/death metal with the spirit of the early 90's then you definitely have to check out this release!

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Dawn Of The Ritual
2. Mutilated By Sickness
3. Dying Age
4. The Execution
5. Mental Delirium
6. Drive Us To Hate
7. Psychic Death
8. Dimension Of Emptiness
9. Intoxicated
10. Vampire's Island