Apocryphus - Eternal Suffering

Apocryphus are a death metal band from Peru, who's influences range between mostly old school death metal bands such as Pestilence and Malevolent Creation whilst also maintaining an element of thrash into their field. Vocals are mostly raspy sounding and again give reference to the older metal style from the mid 80's to the majority of the 90's death metal growls and roars. It's almost a unqiue feeling bringing this style back because a lot of the lyrics are comprehensible which in today's metal scene is not often enough not used.

The roaring solos cleverly placed throughout the record are perhaps the highlight within as the album is able to frantically hook any avid original metal fan. A brief accoustic interlude dropped smack bang in the middle won't fool anyone into thinking that the heaviness won't pick right back up again straight afterwards. The album's production is a bit naff as a whole, but goes hand in hand with what the band are trying to accomplish here. Given the right timeline and this could of been a direct death metal masterpiece.


1. Lictor
2. Eternal Suffering
3. Sacred Tomb
4. Howling With The Wolves
5. Apocryphal Roads
6. Apocryphus
7. State Of Depression
8. Battlefield
9. The Truth

Self released
Reviewer: Max James
Apr 8, 2020
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