Apollyon Revolt – The Howler EP

Apollyon Revolt are a new band from Ohio USA. "The Howler EP" is their debut release. With just three tracks clocking in 9 minutes the band cover a lot of ground. Death metal being their base but they throw a lot into the mix.

On the opening title track is a solid rip roaring track in the vein of early Decapitated with a touch of Morbid Angel and then out of nowhere this Iron Maiden like lead goes over the top of the song. I was thinking it was a little out of place to begin with but it’s a total ear worm, its catchy as hell. Things take a massive left turn on 'Pink Silk And Diamonds' which is a weird spacey, proggy instrumental but is still pretty cool. Then we get 'Bayonet' which is a groove laden number in the vein of Hatebreed or Marco Aro era The Haunted. It’s a straight ahead number with a hooky chorus.

I’d say the only thing wrong here is that there is not enough of it. Another track or two would have been nice to get more of a picture of what is going on but that works both ways I guess.

It will be interesting to see the band develop and see when they put out a full length album so we can see the band’s sound expanded and fully fleshed out because they obviously have a lot of ideas floating around. The potentials definitely there. Watch out for these guys.


1. The Howler
2. Pink Silk And Diamonds
3. Bayonet

Self released
Reviewer: joedenby
Jan 7, 2020

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