Apophys - Promo 2013

When you start to read a band's references, and  you come up with names as Prostitute Disfigurement, God Dethroned and Detonation, then the least you can expect is a really cool death metal album definitely above average! It is the quality and the experience of such bands that cannot let you think differently. Of course when you first listen to Apophys first promo material, your opinion on that will get even more solid, cos the Dutch quartet seems to know no limit when it comes to brutality!

The promo sets off on the right foot with 'Dimensional Odyssey' which is totally a blasted motherfucker. A song full of drum rolls and blasted riffs, joining a crazed growler and a solid as a rock bass player. Solos and leads fulfill this first impression on this promo in the best way, and with first blood drawn we move on to the second track which is 'Humanities Epilogue', which is a continuation of the massacre the first one started. Not so crazed in speed as the first one but capable to destroy 10 buildings in a row with its heaviness and brutality. When they are not blasting the hell of your ears, they like to make your stomach dismount from your body and drop to the ground with the heavy atmosphere they can create. Next on the list is 'The Sentinent'. Now we know what to expect. A combination of the two songs that followed is the perfect description for this one. Sheer brutality spewing from the speakers as this promo continues, and it is truly amazing how those ravagers, can blast and suddenly change it into groove, making the result ten times more interesting. Blast-groove and solo and there you are, thinking what could have hit you! Plus one point for the groovy part in the middle of this one and we move on the final song of this promo. 'The Red Planet' is the title and yes you guessed it right! This is the outro song and therefore it is the song that out of the four holds the most atmospheric parts. A perfect way to end a promo that can only make our legs tremble in the thought of what can those beasts come up with, when it is their time for a full length!

The production is the perfect example of the crystal clear-muddy one, that this genre needs. Everything can be heard perfectly, and every instrument has its place in the production without one getting in the others way, but there's also this swamp essence that you get that make the whole production top. Not that it matters, but their lyrical themes are sci-fi and other crazy shit like that. A perfect promo material to check, for EVERY death metaler out there. And like they say in their web page… "They are Apophys, and they are coming". I'm out!

  1. Dimensional Odyssey
  2. Humanities Epilogue
  3. The Sentient
  4. The Red Planet

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 10, 2013

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