Aposento - Aposento

Having a 7 year run back in the 90's Aposento gained a strong following in the metal underground. Reforming and releasing an EP in 2012 we now have a full length from the band. Hailing from Spain the band have the classic Florida formula nailed if I said to you think of Death Metal in it's most brutal yet most classic form the four bands you would think of (lets use mine as example; Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Obituary, Morbid Angel) you wouldn't be far from the sound of Aposento.

Aposento's self titled album is a brutal, solid piece of work. Hitting a near perfect balance between brutality, technique and pace. They know when to turn things up and when to slow things down. For example we have a shredding and blasbeats left, right and centre on tracks like "Hijos Del Caos" and the band switch to a doom, sludge vibe on "Avaricia". " La Valla" also shows a great example of melody and dark atmosphere. The playing is spot on. Each player doing exactly what is needed for the song. Of course showing a bit of musical flare hear and there but never over stepping the mark and drifting into self indulgent territory.

The Production it must be said is awesome. Everything sounding very beefy and clear also, the artwork also looks very classic. That's the main problem - Aposento looks and sounds "classic" everything is in the right place but it just doesn't quite grab me like I want it to. I felt I wanted to like this album more then I actually did. With everything the album has going for it it equally lacks in terms of hooks and memorability. I don't want to say anything bad about the band as I do really like them but in the sea of Death Metal albums both mainstream and underground the songs on display here don't really stand out.

If 40 minutes of new, classic sounding, brutal Death Metal is the itch you have then by all means check this album out. It's a very enjoyable album even though somewhat a forgettable one.

1. Aliens
2. Hijos Del Caos
3. Merte Lenta
4. La Valla
5. Mutiladora Genital
6. Avaricia
7. Sacrilegio Consumado
8. Inquisidor De Un Falso Pro
9. Alma Condenada